Santa Ana Gourmet Arabica

Coffee Mogul consists of only the highest quality Bourbon beans found on the rich volcanic grounds of the Santa Ana Volcano. At 5,000 feet our strictly high grown beans are hand selected by pickers at the peak of their ripeness ensuring a standard of excellence and perfect balance.

              The fully ripe beans picked are transported from Sierra Nevada plantation to our Mill where they will then go through key processes  such as wet milling, natural fermentation and 100% patio dried to ferment and develop the characteristics of a truly fine coffee. Experts and specialty coffee cuppers  perform various cupping throughout all stages to ensure a specialty grade cup every time. 

              After nearly a 3,000-mile journey our harvest is received locally our roasting partner Cool Beans, roasted fresh to order; this makes every cup own an amazing balance between its grape acidity and sweet vanilla aroma which lingers onto a milk chocolate finish.